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  • Yoga Day 2024: Unroll Your Mat

    Yoga Day 2024: Unroll Your Mat0

    Just around the corner on June 21st, we’ll celebrate International Yoga Day, a global phenomenon dedicated to the ancient practice of yoga. This year marks the 11th anniversary of the UN recognizing yoga’s immense contribution to health and well-being. A Journey from Ancient Wisdom to Global Phenomenon Yoga’s roots trace back thousands of years in

  • Fitch Bullish India: Growth Revised Upward to 7.2%

    Fitch Bullish India: Growth Revised Upward to 7.2%0

    Fitch Ratings, a leading credit rating agency, has given the Indian economy a vote of confidence by raising its growth forecast for the current fiscal year (FY25) to 7.2%. This upward revision, announced on June 18, 2024, reflects positive signs in consumer spending and rising investments. Reasons for Optimism Fitch attributes its rosier outlook to

  • Delhi Sizzles: A Look at the Current Heatwave

    Delhi Sizzles: A Look at the Current Heatwave0

    The scorching sun has turned Delhi into a furnace, with temperatures soaring above 45°C and a relentless heatwave gripping the city. This extreme weather event has caused significant discomfort and disruption to daily life for millions of residents. Let’s delve deeper into this ongoing heatwave and explore its impact. The Intensity of the Heat Delhi

  • RBI’s Statement on India’s Forex Reserves

    RBI’s Statement on India’s Forex Reserves0

    In a recent statement, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provided an update on the country’s foreign exchange (forex) reserves, shedding light on their composition, current status, and implications for the Indian economy. This statement is crucial for understanding how India is positioned in the global financial landscape and what it means for both domestic

  • Arun Gee: From Humble Origins to Business Icon

    Arun Gee: From Humble Origins to Business Icon0

    Embark on the captivating journey of Arun Gee, affectionately known as Guru Gee, as he rose from humble beginnings to lead the prestigious Excellency Group of Companies. Hailing from the heart of Delhi, specifically the middle-class village of Kushak Hirank, Arun’s ambition ignited at a tender age of 16, propelling him into the realm of

  • Delhi Sizzles:  Highest Temperature Ever!

    Delhi Sizzles: Highest Temperature Ever!0

    Delhi, brace yourselves! The scorching heat just reached a whole new level. On May 29, 2024, the capital city witnessed its hottest day ever recorded, with temperatures soaring to a staggering 52.3 degrees Celsius in Mungeshpur, a suburban area. This surpasses the previous record by a significant margin, making it a truly historic day –